Keeping the machine running

Just received a copy of ‘Linux System Administration’. This bookpromises “advice for managing a complete range of systems and servers… summarizes the steps you need to
build everything frmostandalone SOHO (small-office-home-office) hubs, web servers, and LANto load-balanced clusters and servers consolidated throughvirtualisation. You’ll also learn about the tools you need to set upand maintain these working environments.”

Chapters include:

* Requirements for a Linux System Administrator
* Setting Up a Linux Multifunction Server
* The Domain Name System
* An Initial Internet-Ready Environment
* Mail
* Administering Apache
* Load-Balanced Clusters
* Local Network Services
* Virtualization in the Modern Enterprise
* Scripting
* Backing Up Data
* Appendix. bash Script Samples

Linux System Administration
Tom Adelstein & Bill Lubanovic
ISBN-10: 0-596-00952-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-596-00952-6
Pp 279
US$ 44.99

It’s authored by Tom Adelstein and Bill Lubanovic.

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