Of accidents… in Goa.

Reg Mortimer [regmortimer1 at yahoo.com] had this story about a gruesome accident that took place in a region where the growing number of accidents are proving to be worrying:

With regard to the accident I have just got information that the motor cyclist and the lady both died. The man probably died on the spot with the impact. Some body parts are on the poles in the truck as you will see in the photos.

He was a KADAMBA WORKER. The lady sat behind was his wife working at SAINIK STORES. He was going to drop her to work. They have two small children.

The truck seems connected to the Electricity Department. The concrete pillars or poles were for them. The driver and other man on the truck ran into the dept. and disappeared within seconds of the accident.

In view of public safety in the future please consider the following that should be included in your articles in the papers.

* When reversing on a public road and into a public road —-ONE MAN SHOULD HAVE BEEN OUTSIDE THE TRUCK TO WARN TRAFFIC GOING ACROSS. and to also signal the driver.
* The poles or pillars should have been prominently marked. THE ONLY MARKING or warning sign IS ONE FLIMSY RED RAG ( strip of cloth )TIED TO THE END OF ONE. The impact occurred on the left hand side of
the road near the centre of the pillars.
* Many of the residents on the same accident road have been constantly asking for speed breakers to be put on the road as the busses speed on the road to and from the depot. Perhaps now with the unfortunate death of a kadamba worker this will be done. If there were speed breakers on the road the motorcyclist would have had to slow down.
* All vehicles that transport similar material should be forced to have some warning on the truck or the
* No doubt you will speak to the police with regard to the accident for other details names etc.

One thing I must say the police were very prompt in sending their vehicle to the scene soon after I had telephoned them. (They had also got another call with regard to the accident.) –Regnauld Mortimer.

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