Phoenix: Experimental physics teaching for college teachers… (and Free Software)

WBUT organized a 6-day workshop on experimental physics teaching for college teachers.

A lot of the hands-on focus was on using and integrating the Phoenix from IUCC, in designing innovative experiments.

Needless to say, the entire program was conducted on FOSS, with nearly 3-days of Python Programming thrown in as the language of choice for interacting with Phoenix-M.

PHOENIX: Physics with Homemade Equipment and Innovative Experiments

This project started as a part of the program by Inter University Accelerator Centre to improve the laboratory facilities at the universities. It is a Hardware and Software Framework that can be used for developing computer interfaced science experiments without getting into the details of electronics or computer programming. The objective
is to make teachers and students familiar with computerized experimental systems and also to enable them to develop new experiments. Different sensors elements can be interfaced and accessed by few lines of Python code. Phoenix utilizes the power of personal computers for experiment control, data acquisition and its mathematical analysis. The instrument is designed using locally available low cost components and the design is freely available for commercial production. Design supports hardware plug-in modules for expansion. Phoenix is developed using Free Software tools. The Phoenix
Live CD contains all the required phoenix programs plus a collection of science and engineering software.

For detailed documentation and to get started quickly, download the book in PDF format. The Help Page has addresses of the users who are willing to help. Find out the ones closest to your location

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