From Portugal, a look from the Escola de Direcção e Negócios

Eugénio Viassa Monteiro <evmonteiro at> sent in a 221kb PDF copy of this newsletter, meant to share news about India in Portugal. Eugenio is from the Escola de Direcção e Negócios (a 25-year-old institution doing work in fields like company policy, human behaviour in the organisation and ethnics, commercial policy and marketing, operations and technology, accountability and management control systems, finance, economic and social analysis for management).

He writes:

I tried to shorten the Newsletter by putting aside a number of news/articleswhich had full right to be included. Balancing is always difficult when so manyimportant events take place in that sub-continent.

In this issue you can find:

Right at the start is the suggestive article on biotechnology: India’s BiotechIndustry Emerging as World Innovator, Collaborator, Competitor. India abolishedunilaterally customs duties on goods imported from neighbouring countries ofSAARC, a remarkable attitude when India is growing rich and is tryingto help the less favoured neighbours. A short note on micro-credit to relievepeople from poverty follows.

The strong export of services to take place in the next years is well developed.Job creation in services is expected to grow in the retail sector, namely infoodstuffs. Clothing is occupying an increasing number of firms such as Raymondwhich will triple its outlets; and pressure of new incoming groups is sensed.

BSNL (telecommunications) is developing capacity for new 40 million ground lines.Nearly 1.000 of the biggest cities will shortly have WiMAX. It is interestingto see that the increment of new subscribers keeps on round about 6.1 millionper month.

Huge investments in power generation and in acquisition of Companies from abroad aresteady. So also are national and foreign big investments for creation of hotelrooms in big cities of India.Just Bangaloreis creating 6.000 rooms in 5 and 4 stars hotels. One only chain is investing$6.0 bn.

Meanwhilethe biggest Indian IT Company, TCS,earned $4,3 bn during the fiscal year 2006/7, with a 44% increase as comparedto the previous year. The other big ones of the sector had a similar or highergrowth.

And the low-fare airways companies and the telecommunications operators, with theirprice reduction strategy, keep on enlarging the market. Big ones of the sector had a similar or higher growth.

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