Start your own Open Access journal….

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Starting an independent, open access journal

Why start a new journal?

There are many reasons to start a new journal. Some researchers may
want to provide a home for an emerging field of research, others may
want to cut across traditional subject boundaries, and some may simply
want to provide an open access alternative to existing journals. For societies,
there can be no better way to fulfil their mission of furthering
knowledge in their fields than by making research freely available to a
global audience.

If you already run a journal, BioMed Central can easily convert it to our open access model, free of charge.

To find out more about running a journal with BioMed Central, see ‘What you need to know about our independent journals program‘.

If you would like to make a proposal to start a new journal, or convert an existing title, please see ‘What to include in a new journal proposal‘.

If you have any questions about the independent journals program, please contact


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