Metahistoria: history questioning history… coming up this month-end

My long time friend, senior and someone whose work I long admired, Dr Teotonio R de Souza (the man behind GoaResearchNet, completes his 60th birthday later this month. Teo, who worked to set up the Xavier Centre of Historical Research in the ‘seventies, and moved on in the ‘nineties, will be felicitated with a volume called “METAHISTORIA: History questioning History”. It’s a fitting tribute that his XCHR colleague Dr Charles J. Borges, S.J. (Loyola College, Maryland, USA) has co-edited this volume together with another prominent Indo-Portuguese historian (who has a great way of explaining things) Michael N. Pearson (Prof. Emeritus) of the Technical University of Sydney (Australia). It is being published by Nova Vega, 2007, and comprises pp.  604. It will be released by Prof Fernando Santos Neves, Rector of the Lusophone University, on March 30 at 18.30 hrs. Congrats Teo… [Above, file photo of Teo]

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