Goa, temples… a list

Can someone help to maintain and correct this list of temples in Goa, on the Wikipedia? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hindu_temples?
My listing came from ‘Devasthan Visheshank‘ (Special Issue on Temples) published by the Gomantak (Marathi) newspaper in June 2001. Please help weed out errors, and ommissions. Thanks! FN

PS: You could also create Wikipedia pages for these temples. As far as I know, only Shantadurga (Kavlem) currently has one linked to this page.


* Shanta Durga temple, Kavlem
* Manguesh temple, Mangueshim
* Mahalsa temple, Mardol
* Mahalaxmi temple, Bandora
* Ramnath temple, Bandora
* Naguesh temple, Kavlem
* Chandreshwar Boothnath, Quepem
* Saptakoteshwar temple, Naroa
* Rudresh temple, Harvalem
* Vimleshwar temple, Rivona
* Parshuram temple, Painguinim
* Malikarjun temple, Canacona
* Gomentashwar temple, Brahmapuri
* Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla
* Khandolacheya Ganapati
* Shantadurga temple, Nanora
* Brahmadev temple, Brahmakarmali
* Shantadurga temple, Kunkoliem
* Shantadurga Fatorpekarin, Fatorpa
* Shantadurga Cuncolikaren, Fatorpa
* Kamakshi temple, Shiroda
* Shivnath temple, Shiroda
* Vamneshwar temple, Dhavli
* Navadurga temple, Borim
* Navdurga temple, Madkai
* Gokarn Partagali Jevottam Math
* Tapobhoomi, Kundai
* Vijaydurg temple, Keri
* Laxminarayan temple, Kundaim
* Laxmi Narasinh temple, Veling
* Gomant Tirupati Balaji, Kunkoliem
* Shantadurga Shankvaleshwari, Veling
* Anant temple, Savoi Verem
* Aadhdeivait Shreekeshavdev, Ponda
* Dhareshwari Mahalsa temple, Dharbandora
* Shantadurga temple, Khandepar
* Kopal-Ganapati temple Kaswada
* Sainath temple, Borim
* Navadurga temple, Adcona
* Mahadev temple, Makdaye
* Dev Mahamaya temple, Dharghe
* Mahadev temple, Bondoomaal
* Gajalakshmi temple, Volvoi
* Gajalakshmi temple, Marcela
* Devkikrishna temple, Marcela
* Shantadurga Kumbarjuwarkareen, Marcela
* Mandodari temple, Betki
* Shantadurga Talaulikareen temple, Marcela
* Bhagwati Chimbelkareen temple, Marcela
* Shantadurga Verlakareen temple
* Shantadurga temple, Amona
* Kudneshwar temple, Kudne, Sanquelim
* Saibaba temple, Canacona
* Kaalbhairav temple, Dhargali
* Shantadurga temple, Dharagalim
* Bhagvati temple, Tuyem, Pernem
* Bhoomikadevi temple, Halarna/Alorna
* Ram Mandir, Colvale
* Dakkan Devi temple, Peddem, Loliem
* Morzai temple, Morjim
* Bhagvati temple, Parcem
* Devi Mauli temple, Menkurem
* Mahalsadevi temple, Madhlamaaz, Mandrem
* Narayandevi temple, Arambol/Harmal
* Kamleshwar temple, Corgao
* Mauli temple, Varkhand
* Bhagvati Sapteshwar temple, Mandrem
* Bhoomika Devasthan, Paliyem
* Azoba temple, Kerim
* Mahalaxmi temple, Corgaon
* Shantadurga Mauli temple, Varkhand
* Mahalaxmi temple, Paliyem
* Mahadev temple, Kasarvarnem
* Bhagvati temple, Pernem
* Kamleshwar Maharood temple, Corgao
* Pandurang temple, Sanquelim
* Radhakrishna Murlidhar temple, Sanquelim
* Datta temple, Sanquelim
* Lairayee temple, Shirgaon
* Lakshminarayan temple, Navelim
* Chamundadevi temple, Orgao-Pilgao
* Lakshminarayan temple, Narvem
* Shravani temple, Advalpal
* Maharudda temple, Mapusa
* Bhoomika temple, Saal
* Vanadevi temple, Mulgao
* Vithoba temple, Mapusa
* Venkatesh temple, Nanora
* Paramdham Omkar temple, Cunchelim
* Lakshminarayan Mahamaya temple, Nagoa
* Kalika temple, Kasarpal
* Kelbayee temple, Mulgao
* Sitaram temple, Dongri
* Adimaya Sheshti Shantadurga temple, Dongri
* Kamleshwar-Khapreshwar temple, Sada
* Mahalaxmi temple, Panjim
* Hanuman temple, Merces
* Mahadev Khapri temple, Belabai
* Damodar temple, Vasco da Gama
* Shantadurga Chamundeshwar Kudtoree Mahamaya, Quepem
* Shantadurga Lakshmi-Narsingh Sankhlyo temple, Sancoale
* Karmali devi temple, Karmali
* Lashminarayan IsvantiBrahan, Sada
* Vetaldevi temple, Poinguinim
* Nirankar temple, Mashem

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Photos above: At left, Shantadurga (Kavlem), most scenic… and (at right), a Marcela temple framed under a gate. Marcela is another village with literally dozens of temples (resettled there following colonial religious intolerance).


3 thoughts on “Goa, temples… a list

  1. Hi

    I am writing a guide book on Goa for Thomas Cook Publishing and need to include details of several temples.

    Do you know if temples in Goa have regular opening hours? Are they free to visit or do tourists have to pay? If you don’t have this information, do you know anywhere I might be able to find it out?

    Thanks and best wishes,

    Debbie Stowe

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