LUGRadio, OpenMoko, and more….

[Goa Science Centre Panjim, our scenic venue]

Saturday, Feb 24, 2007’s meeting at Goa Science Centre focussed on these issues:

* Demo of LUGRadio programmes via a Chinese-clone of the iPod. Feedback: difficulty in following the programmes, and a bit of “excessive laughter” on the episode we were tuned into.

* Talking about devices, Arvind suggested the OpenMoko phone Notice to Developers: If you are interested in developing Free Software applications for the OpenMoko platform, please send information regarding embedded Linux projects you have contributed to, and the work you have done to We had some hardware issues that set us back about a month. But now we’re back on track and should start shipping in February. All of our efforts are focused on getting the device out, so please forgive our delays in replying to your emails.

* Queries about web-to-SMS international gateways. Some suggested using Yahoo (only Windows compatible). BSNL is offering SMS within India for 40 paisa per SMS.

* Brief discussion about using ‘sleep’ mode under GNU/Linux, while transporting laptop with a GNU/Linux distro.

* Fedora and its marketing strategies.

* Debate about new distros. Stanley is on the search for some.

* Some of us remembered Prakash Advani, earlier with and now with Novell. He has an interesting photo blog. See:

* We also thought of the photography work of Tariq Sani (Nagpur) and Kalyan Varma (Bangalore), two other FLOSS techies.

* We had a brief discussion on the Simputer and also the plans of Geodesic, where Atul Chitnis is now vice-president See The visit of Dr Vinay Deshpande to Goa was remembered too. There was a debate over the $100 computer (OLPC), and whether the it was really unsuted to India, or whether the opposition to it could be from those eager to block the spread of Free Software/Open Source among the younger generation. See or

* Someone raised the question about the Mobilis. The Mobilis, is (was?) Encore’s inexpensive mobile PC

* Arvind was keen to get access to the book ‘Linux Kernel: In A Nutshell’

Apologies to the lady who missed our meeting, because we started late! Ashwin Naik phoned, and was eager to come to meetup (at the bhel-puri informal meet-up following the indoors meet at the Goa Science Centre, Panjim).

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