Wikipedia… on Dabolim airport (Goa)

Check this out Although the roads are fairly good, Dabolim airport is poorlyconnected by public transport. Passengers usually use taxisto reach the airport. Public buses, which tend to beover-crowded, go to the nearby city of Vasco da Gama,approximately 4 km (2 mi) away, and also stop at the closerChicalim bus stop, about 1.5 km (1 mi) from the airport.Local mini-buses connect both Vasco da Gama and Chicalim tothe airport. Pre-paid taxis are available from the airport,but these tend to be higher-priced than in the rest of India.Charter groups (operators as well as tourists) are currentlyfacing the prospect of the former having to add to theirmini-coach fleets or the latter having to detour for a totalof two hours due to restrictions on heavy vehicle traffic onthe bridge on the river Zuari which has developed cracks. Thegovernment is mulling the need for a second bridge. Meanwhileplans for a 6-lane, north-south expressway are moving aheadin Goa. A nonorail system is also being considered. All theseplans have implications for the proposed Mopa airport and itslink to Dabolim and Goa’s population centres… {From the Wikipedia}

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