Voices from New Delhi… will community radio take to the airwaves?

QUOTES of today… at the launch of the Community Radio Forum India, India International Centre Annexe national consultation… February 1, 2007:

  • We need 500 Raghav channels in each district of the country. Because it’s sustainable… — From Red Cross.
  • A lot of us have been working to getting a community radio-friendly policy in the country. Whole lot of people who have worked on the policy for last seven years. We should congratulate ourselves for finally getting that policy. — Stalin, newly appointed convenor of the Community Radio Forum India
  • We were all working in a very informal network. The only thing that tied  together was the CR India e-group. Last big meeting called by ministry supported by UNDP in May 2004. First one happened in June 2000 in Pastapur, and December 2000 in Panchgani.
  • It’s a great pleasure to finally stand under our own banner. It’s amazing that we’ve come so far… Many fellow travellers. some also new passengers. –Dr Vinod Pavarala
  • The Government, in a very Orwellian fashion, interpreted public to mean private. They deregulated the airwaves, and started auctioning off spectrum. To private FM!
  • These are the application limits, you’ll learn the hard way… Government understands their bureaucracy better than we do. 
  • I’d like to congratulate Raghav. You’ve done a grat job. I’d like to know what we could do to make Raghav’s station happen. — Sagari Chhabra, film-maker and writer.
  • This is single-window submission. Not single-window clearance!
  • Are we ready to take up this case, that an individual like this has done great work, and he has been censored? (Raghav)
  • We’re not allowed to do news and current affairs, which is rubbish. We’ve got all kind of technological restrictions, which is rubbish. We are not allowed to criticise “friendly countries” and we are not even sure who they are, which is rubbish … — Arun Mehta.
  • The man who invented radio, Marconi, was 11 years old in 1895… (when the law governing broadcast in India was framed)….
  • We should seriously look at a legal option. — Arun Mehta
  • As far as community radio goes, flash recorder is the answer…
  • Raghav is not the only radio station. It is an answer o fresponsible journalism… I know many radio stations still running, like Raghav’s. Only suggestion, don’t let us journalists come close to you. Your stations will run. — Radio journalist

There was a lot more that was said. I just have limited time in which to put it out…

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