Boss, Baga?

Signboards... too many of them

“Boss, Baga?”

As I cycled back to Saligao on a leisurly Sunday evening, with Aren chattering in the front of my exer-cycle, I realised someone was asking me for directions. The guy was on a motorcycle.

Two decades after grumbling that Goa doesn’t have adequate road-signs, we are just there… with still no adequate sign-boards.

Somewhere along the way, a beginning was made. But if you’re cycnical (like I am sometimes), you would say it was only an attempt at giving some crumbs to political supporters of the government of the day.

Meanwhile, the 2.5 million claimed (claimed, because Goa hardly has any set of reliable statistics on this) tourists visiting Goa each year… and even locals travelling in another part of the state… have to just keep fumbling for directions in this pocket handkerchief-sized state!

[Photo above shows commercial billboards… we have enough and more of these … causing unneeded visual pollution.]

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