Visitors… with a Saligao link

Vivian Pinto and family

Vivian Pinto, a friend from the Net (SaligaoNet actually), dropped in with his family of Valerie, Marcus and Dominic. One of his sons has a PhD in Maths (and his twin-sister, whom we didn’t meet, is also in the field.) Some subject to choose to specialise in! Marcus and Vivian have been in education for their working lives.

On reaching back to “cold England”, he wrote:

Our visit to Goa was quite enchanting; the scenery, the beaches, the food, and most of all the friendly people. We have hundreds of photographs; would have had more if our camera hadn’t stopped functioning. [A wave hit it at the beach, they said.] We’ll send some rather striking ones, of the church on Christmas Eve, to Saligaonet. [Oops, Vivian, SaligaoNet can’t take photographs … only plaintext messages! –FN]

We have been reading about the regional plan. Sometimes we despair of some politicians;how they pass from plans to schemes, from principles to platitudes. I don’t know the full significance or background but it does seem that it will have irrevocable effects on the future of Goa

When the school term starts, I will investigate the possibility of establishing a link between a school here and The Lourdes Convent school in Saligao.

the Pintos have a Saligao link. But, as Vivian put it, “sadly I don’t
know anyone personally but we are quite happy to indulge the common and
amusing Goan pastime of finding links across space and time. My
grandfather was Frank Pinto do Santana, my father, Wilfred Pinto….My great grandfather was Jacob Pinto, who married Ernestina Pinto. I believe Joe Fernandes …. might know him.”

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