… getting a new (cyber) home

Warren Noronha (no relative!) is telling me right now on Gmail chat about his updates on the BytesForAll site (actually, a major overhaul and shift-over). Take a look, and get a sneak preview:

Bytes For All | Computing and the Internet for the Majority of the World

Of course, it’s not yet formal. Or even offically ribbon-cut 🙂

Here’s a quote I quite liked:

“The root of wealth or poverty lies in the ends we have inmind, not in the means to those ends. If the hand is ready then findingthe instrument of action should not be difficult” — Rabindranath Tagore

Bytes for All (B4All) is a networked space for citizens in SouthAsia. It experiments, highlights and organizes debate on the relevanceof ICT to development activities. South Asia – often considered as anICT powerhouse, is also the home of highest number of poor people inthe World. Poverty is not just about income or GDP, its also abouthuman development, access to better life, education, health,opportunities, empowerment and human rights. In human developmentindex, South Asia doesn’t stand brighter either. We do not create thehype that technology will solve all problem overnight. Rather weemphasize that causes to poverty are related to socio-political issuessuch as, un-equal distribution mode of a society, unfair trade regime,lack of good governance etc. Then what technology can do? We believe,technology can play an important role in facilitating the objectives ofthis socio-political solutions. Therefore when we talk about ICTsolutions to poverty, we are not devoid of context and reality. Werefer ICT as a process that can help achieving certain objectives moreeffectively, quickly and without the need of any gate keeper. To ourview, ICT doesn’t replace the need of good governance or people’srights to get equal opportunities, rather ICT can complement thisprocess. When you read Bytes for All, please understand this is ourspirit.

My first impresions: neat and tidy. A few pics and…

Thanks to everyone who shared this dream and made it possible. (Primarily Partha … and Warren… and many, many more volunteers. Reba “Ms Spider” Shahid. Archana Nagvenkar. Zunaira Durrani. Shahzad. Farrah in the NWFP. Jehan Ara. Subhrangshu Choudhary. Ridhi D’Cruz. Nalaka. Abhas @, Monjur Mahmud. Lasanthi. Farhad. Prayas @, Mahrukh. Sajan Venniyoor. BNNRC. Sangeeta Naik. Faoud Bajwa. Daryl Martyris. And I’m sure I probably missed out some names!

We would be simply pretending and making untrue claims if we didn’t acknowledge that this was taken forward by dozens if not hundreds who helped in every possible way… along the route.)

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