Sitars, scanners … and sounds

My comp’s desktop is a mess currently. So many tools open, trying to do so many jobs… at the same time… but there’s a reason for it…. There’s the Xsane scanning software opened. Two browsers (Firefox and Flock aka The Social Browser. The latter is something that makes blogging a very easy task). There’s Sound Juicer, the music-playing software of my GNU/Linux Ubuntu distro. And the usual other things… Evolution for email, a Nautilus file-browser, another Wikipedia page, a dozen or so bookmarked to read via Whizz RSS the intersting Inter-Press Service stories coming in from the region I still unrepentingly prefer to refer to as the Third World.

Information-clutter, here we come!

That’s at one level. At another level, it’s very exciting to hear the unexpected sounds emerging from Colin ‘Bassman’ D’Cruz‘s The Brown Indian Band: Fusion Lounge. Got tempted trying it out, then got immediately inspired to scan the image, and blog it instantly… without delaying for another day. On a relaxed Sunday afternoon, it’s some mellifluous sounds emerging from the speakers of my GNU/Linux-driven comp. The sitar mixes with the guitar, almost flawlessly. There’s the tabla too. And much more that misses my untrained ear. East meets West, as interpreted through the eyes of a hard-core Goan (even if Colin and his many groups haven’t got the deserved respect from the home-state of their origins).

Colin is a great guy, a nice musician (maybe these ajectives should be reversed…) The number of bands he permuted and combined in his career took him to the (now Coke-owned) Limca Book of Indian records –he’s been part of five to six dozen bands when one last read.

Now, it’s a fusion venture. (It was a pleasure to encounter his last experiment, decked in Latino flavours and called (Obligato), quite some years back, when I was writing for the Herald). This time around, with names like Bhupali Blues, Bhairavi Bounce, Chandra Funk and Todi Trip… Colin gives us his new serving. This guy never gives up. More than that, he knows how to keep striving to make his work visible. Including online. As an independent — musician, journalist, or whatever… — that isn’t always easy. Thanks Colin for keeping me informed about your ventures, for sending me updates… and apologies for the looooong delay in taking note of it! Here’s wishing you well.

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