Reviews… reviews, reviews

Some comments on a recently-published essay, part of Jerry Pinto’s Reflected in Water: Writings on Goa (Penguin Books): “Teotonia R. de Souza’s profile of the little-known ‘opium smuggler who tried to liberate Goa’ is as captivating as Frederick Noronha’s portrait of Abbé Faria, eighteenth-century priest, mesmerist and revolutionary, and one of the region’s most famous sons.” (From the book’s jacket and on Penguin.)

And, Karishma Attari’s review in The Hindustan Times titled Furious and funny in Goa: “Every anthology has its strong leaders and its stragglers. Not every piece in this compilation is a winner. Adil Jussawalla’s delicious diary entry is at odds with the dispassionate, somewhat boring account of Noronha’s hypnotist-priest….”

Finally, Peter Nazareth‘s comment on the NewDiaspora mailing list which says this: “The book looks like a personal exploration of Goa by Jerry Pinto from Bombay (Mumbai), and he has a two-page “intuitive” introduction — not surprising since he is a poet. So the review was wrong to underrate it: and speaking of the review being wrong, I found Fred Noronha’s search for Abbe Faria to be fascinating, not boring — it is one of the best things I have read by Fred.”

So… take your pick!


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