REVIEW: Guirim boys’ school days

Yesterdays at Monte: Jogging Down Memory Lane
Edward de Lima.
Vikram Publications,
August 2006.
vikkurocks at
Rs 100 pp78.

A book written “almost 43 years after leaving school”. By a retired (and prolific author of self-published books) Dr Lima (b 1946).
He studied at St Anthony’s Guirim from 1953 to 1963. Incidentally, he did his PhD on ‘The Creative and Critical Writings of Armando Menezes’, the Goan poet and teacher. (We both share an interested in collecting books related to Goa! … Dr Lima reading them, and we, well… just collecting them!)

Among the chapters: early years; lunch at school; annual concert; Mocidade Portuguesa; corporal punishments; pranks in and out; school debating society; the Konkani card; brown hair episode; retreats in school; our teachers; and classmates. A nice tribute from an alumni, organisations of which are growing in Goa!

Check the Guirim alumni online [] and see the book cover at []


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