A Sethu Sunday…

10 Helene Derkin sent me this note: “Hi there, Sethu is having another ‘Sethu Sunday’ which is an excellent opportunity for you to donate all unwanted items from your house and pick up some new ones! (this does not include spouses, pets or in-laws!! 🙂 )

“Please have a sort out – any ‘unwanted’ or duplicate gifts we could do with for our raffle and for prizes for the activities. Household items are much appreciated as is anything ‘good as new’. Once you have a bag or box sorted you can either drop it to Sethu, my place or one of the volunteers will come and collect it. Couldnt be simplier so spend 30 minutes over the weekend sorting out that cupboard that you’ve always been meaning to but got havent got around to and start donating!”

A soft-copy of a poster she included said: “Sethu Sunday 2006 jumble sale. 29 October 2006. 9 am to 6 pm. Venue: 32 Defence Colony, Porvorim (terrace). To donate/volunteer, contact Shalini tel 651 3749. Sethu Centre, Caculo Colony, Miramar.” Sethu is the child development and family guidance centre. One of the interesting but untold stories of our times in contemporary Goa is about citizens initiatives… which sometimes do work!


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