An expat student… and geek

Nice page (brief but informative) that I came across

Andre is doing his second year of his PhD at Stern Finance. and he’s talking about:

* Perl scripts
* ImageMagick’s convert
* Picasa
* PDF output from his Gauss programs
* A perl script he wrote “to automate the TEX-ing of output and the writing of
it to a destination accessible to a browser, which has saved me so much
work it’s unbelievable.”

He writes: “I am a Goan from Goa. My home is in Nachinolá, but I spend a lot of time in Anjuna. No, I don’t spend my time getting drunk (the two times I’ve gotten near-drunk, I was in New York), or doing anything unbecoming. Though of course, that depends on how you define unbecoming. My view of Goa is home. Take a look at some pictures.”


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