Konkani music, MP3s: can we convince our artistes?

There was a small discussion on Goanet about MP3s in Konkani. Some background on file-sharing. I really think the only sustainable
way would be to convince artistes to put out some of their music under
a copylefted music, and show them how it actually helps *them* (the
artistes) to popularise their work, spread Goan music and benefit the
music-enthusiast too. FN

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki File_sharing:

File sharing first came into the public eye with the popularization of MP3 files in the mid- to late 1990s. MP3s would commonly be uploaded to free webspace accounts such as Geocities and Tripod, or online file storage services such as i-drive. This practice lasted for a short time until the webhosts realised what their webspace was being used for. Sites hosting MP3s uploaded to free webspace would often only last a very short while before the files were removed. MP3 sites counteracted this by uploading MP3s using fake file extensions which, again, worked for a short time until the webhosts realized what was happening. It wasn’t until the advent of peer-to-peer software that file sharing became easily available to the average internet user. In 1999 Napster, originally a centralized system, became the first major P2P file-sharing tool, popularizing file sharing. Napster was a localized index for MP3 files shared by the users logged into the system. It included IRC-like chat and instant messaging features. Many new major clients now follow its example in design. An MP3-only sharing system, Napster was finally shut down by legal attacks from the music industry. It was openly attacked by some artists (notably Dr. Dre, Metallica) and supported by others (Mötley Crüe, Limp Bizkit, Courtney Love, Dave Matthews, David Crowder Band)….

File sharing (such as with the Gnutella and Napster networks) grew in popularity with the proliferation of high speed Internet connections and the (relatively) small file size and high-quality MP3 audio format. Although file sharing is a legal technology with legal uses, many users use it to download copyrighted materials without explicit permission: copyright infringement or “piracy”. This has led to attacks against file sharing in general from some copyright owners.


6 thoughts on “Konkani music, MP3s: can we convince our artistes?

  1. what the bitto is this??? I stricktly deny to share our mp3 songs…. what the fuck your speaking about sharing??? bitto cut karta poley…..

  2. [text deleted] u guys are narrow minded. u wanna make money. as simple as that, then dont u […] talk ab taking the konkani MAI-BHAS spread to the world. the oldies, rendred their voices to give a message, u ppl are making sites adn CD only to make profit out of it.

  3. its very sad, fred. its only our konkani goan community that does not want to share the goan oldies songs. what the heck, make it downloadable. let everyone listen to it. dnt give us bull-shit ab copyrights and stuff like tht.
    talking ab konkani songs, have a look at the mangalore konkani songs, almost all their songs are thre for download.
    our goan songs are held by ppl having the world-goa site, holidayhomes…somethin. and so many others.
    u think ppl are glued to the net to listen to ur online radio stuff. get some life guys. its very sad, having such good music in the past decades, it just does not reach our ears cause of money making online music radio web designers. sad.

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