Danny Yee’s reviews … maybe a useful model

On the GoaWriters list recently, VRR asked about my intention behind posting a Danny Yee review, which seemed unrelated to the matter on hand.

My view: I just like the way in which Danny Yee keeps reviewing so many different books so persistently, shares his work through cyberspace, and helps build awareness about titles which few of us would otherwise have come across.

And one wishes someone could do it for Goa. Maybe we could even think in terms of a group blog, where we discuss/review Goa-related books. It could
be a very real and concrete activity for a writers’ group such as this.

Wasn’t focussing on this specific book, but just Danny Yee’s way of ‘getting the word out’. Needless to say, I continue to be quite fascinated by independent attempts at writing and publishing (which are not necessarily dependent on publisher’s priorities and editorial stereotypes).


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