Two books from Tony Martin

Tony Martins book #1Khalil Ahmed’s Broadway Books on Saturday (Aug 19, 2006) released Tony Martin’s new books Life is Beautiful and Time Pass. At a somewhat formal function, the release was done by Dhempe College mentor-to-a-generation and theatre person Ms Isabel Santa Rita Vas in Panjim this evening.

Fr. J Loiola Pereira, Director of Diocesan Centre for Social Communications Media Fr J Loiola Pereira andGoa Art College lecturer Willy Goes (also a musician and writer himself) spoke.

Fr Loiola Pereira in his foreword to Life is Beautiful says, “‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.’ I can assure the reader that each of the stories in
this book will provide such a precious moment.”

“Each tear-jerking story here hits the consciousness like a winged missile making an impact that lingers. You will love reading them. Again and Again. They will make you think. They will make you feel. They will rip the strings of your heart apart and knock your soul out of its unfeeling slumber. And if you feel like crying as you read, Good. It shows you are still human,” says Tony Martin in the preface to the book.

Willy Goes feels that at a time when more and more of our students turn out to be nothing more than rote-machines, a sense of critical thinking in children is the need of the hour and Times Pass is a small but positive step in that direction. Tony Martin #2

My former journalist college Mr. Martin (whose real name is Anthony Baretto, something everyone has probably forgotten) teaches English at Shri Nirakar Education Society’s SS Angle Higher Secondary School and is the author of Naked Goa, It’s a Funny World and The Practical English Teacher..Miguel Braganza compered.

Anthony M Barreto aka Tony Martin can be contacted at Galgibaga, Canacona, Goa — 403728 M: 9422390701 R: 91-0832-2632012 and via his website


6 thoughts on “Two books from Tony Martin

  1. Hi Fred….

    I am Santosh Shetty, from GEC.
    Hope you remember me …
    I gave the talk on SFD at St.Xavier’s and at my college too ..

    I shall get straight to the point considering a busy man that you are ..
    where can i buy this book …


    in Goa ??

  2. Hi Fred

    Thanks for thw wonderful coverage to Life is Beautiful & Timepass. I didn’t know about it until I checked three great sites for teachers.
    Thanks again.

    Tony Martin

  3. hi

    my name is oveda and i too like writing books…i too wud like to print my own book some day but i need a little help editing stuff on it..can u refer me a few people that can help books are like the normal romantic stuff.You may think it is not suitable for printing and keeping on for sale but according to me i want to have a book printed with my own name..please help me find some help..i wud really appreciate it.


  4. Hi Oveda, Where are you based? Self-publishing is a possibility, but more so in the world of non-fiction and probably lesser so for fiction or verse. There are people who offer professional editing services.

    If you’re based around Goa, then I know some persons who would offer such a service (in fact, they would do it freelancing editing on a project basis, and the internet makes it possible to do work across boundaries). I’m sure you would find editing services elsewhere too.

    If you want to enter this segment, don’t forget to take a look at (“Lulu is fast, easy and free. Publish and sell easily within minutes. No set-up fees. No minimum order. Keep control of the rights. Set your own price. Each product is printed as it is ordered. No excess inventory.” That’s what they say, I’ve not personally tried it out.)

    Also see

    You’ll get a lot of tips of how to layout and creat a book. You can even publish your text as an ebook initially. FN

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