Marriage how-to tips…

Marriageguide‘Getting Married in Goa’ is the Plus Publications’ marriage guide, in a new edition. It’s edited by Ilidio de Noronha and Lester Fernandes, with Cedric Silveira as editorial co-ordinator.

Obviously advertisement-driven, it also contains quite a bit of useful information. Starting with customs and traditions (the Catholic kazaar, the Hindu lagn, and the Muslim nikaah), matchmakers, cybermates, and the “countdown” to marriage.

If you got married here, you know how puzzling it can be in this information-poor state. Useful tidbits of information include brides’ and grooms’ checklists, budgeting your wedding, and even a section on “the Goan art of gifting”.

Getting ready for your big day, and details on the ‘law on marriage’ is also included. Honeymoon tips and more are also included. So is a section on ‘family planning the natural way’.

Quite a useful book. Good value for money. Provided you have marriage on you mind, that is.

%T Getting Married in Goa
%S The Complete Wedding Guide
%A Ilidio de Noronha & Lester Fernandes (eds)
%I Plus Publications E2, S2 Martins Enclave, Caranzalem
%C Caranzalem, Goa
%D May 2006, 3rd edition
%G ISBN 81-903087-1-8
%P pp 176, Rs 125 US$5.95, Euro5.95, UKP4
%K guide, Goa, marriage


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