Linking up to Riza

Riza, studying in the third standard at Lourdes Convent in Saligao, doesn’t have much patience (yet) to read, leave alone write or type. But she does like to ‘dictate’ to me some of her blog entries.

Kindly visit and leave your comments behind.

She is specially thrilled when children from other areas leave some comments on what she writes (as would anyone else, I guess). She was thrilled when Colin (8yrs) wrote in from Australia, in response to a post about a circus she had visited in Mapusa.

While I egg her on with questions and suggested topics, I try to retain her language… and sometimes the cute “errors” and thought-patterns that creep in from an almost eight-year-old’s perspective. She’s my guineapig to try out ways to encourage kids into writing!


2 thoughts on “Linking up to Riza

  1. Hi Riza! remember me? i’m Tarika’s cousin, and i went to your reading group. how are you? give my regards to your father.
    love Karen

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