Which “Goan institution” has eight fingers?

Here’s the blog of Eight Finger Eddie.


The original Freak. A scenester since before there was a scene, blazing the hippie trail between Goa and Kathmandu, ever since 1963. Eddie is now 80 and a Goa institution. Every year he performs a chapter of his life to a rapt audience at the ruin behind Goa Gil’s house in Anjuna. Now Eddie’s life story is available on the web. If you’ve heard of Freak Street and Juhu Beach, of Baba Ram Dass and Goa Gil you’ll want to read the inside story of Freaks in India since the sixties.

Reached there while doing a review of Young Female, Travelling Alone by Anne-Marie M Pop.


One thought on “Which “Goan institution” has eight fingers?

  1. Eddies website includes a 250 page bio up until 1972. Sure wish he would finish the book. I was in Anjiuna from 1979 and want to hear more of the stories from that period until the present. Still working on writing it Eddie?

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