On Goanet: Mumbai blasts, Mollekars of Veling, Israel in Uganda, and Panjim’s opium money…

Here’s what Dr Cornel da Costa wrote in his Recent items of particular interest on Goanet weekly review, that he puts out in the GoanVoiceUK newsletter:

Following the recent blasts leading to death and destruction in Mumbai, several Goanet posts have explored the origins and reasons for the bombs. Among these, an article, lIndia’s Indestructible Heart has received supportive comments. Hopefully, Goan Voice (UK) readers will endeavour to read the article soon.

The Mumbai blasts have also drawn strong support for a regional war but anti-war sentiments have also been expressed. With so much strife taking place the Middle East, where many Goans work in the hospitality sector, commentary on the situations from GV(UK) readers will be particularly welcomed by Goanet.

Find out about The Mollekars of Veling from an interesting account by Valmiki Faleiro. (See also here.) It is about workers on the land and their excellent native business skills.

Did GV(UK) readers know that Entebbe, Uganda, could have become the capital of Israel but for the (1917) Balfour Declaration? Find out about such a real possibility from fascinating posts on Goanet.

In an unusual but informative article by Celsa Pinto, titled Virtue in Vice: Opium money and the making of Panjim we learn about the strategic role of opium in Goa. Celsa claims that, “the transformation of the emerging capital, Panjim, from swamp to city…is the gift of the Malwa opium trade of the nineteenth century. This material is truly fascinating and an excellent read.

Finally, a ban, perhaps a temporary one, has been placed on tourists visiting the holy shrines in Old Goa during services. This has caused much controversy. Some agree with the ban unreservedly, but others claim that such a ban is not acceptable as the sites are World Heritage Sites. This view claims that, the status of the sites prevents bans and that, very often, tourists travel great distances to visit the sites and shrines.

More details can be found at the Goanet archives at http://lists.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet-goanet.org/ Or to subscribe to Goanet, send an email to subscribe@goanet.org


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