Advertising in Goa, and a student from Mumbai

Priya Shah, a student from Mumbai, writes in to say that she is currently studying her last year in Bachelors of Mass Media (majoring in advertising) from the K. C College in Mumbai. She adds:

One of the subjects that is taught to us Advertising in Contemporary Society. The Group Project that has been assigned to us for this subject is as follows. We have to study the geographical, social and culture issues in Madgaon (Margao) and Panjim and how they effect advertising and visa- verse. It would be very kind of you if you could also assist us in who we cold talk to regarding radio, TV and Internet advertising in Goa.

Sounds interesting. This is one project that could throw up some useful insights on a little-studied subject.


3 thoughts on “Advertising in Goa, and a student from Mumbai

  1. radio, u can talk to Mukesh thally form news unit. and for internet advertising u can contact neeraj naik. from panjim

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