Stamps, stamps, stamps…

Here’s a mailing-list on that looks at stamps from “Portuguese India” (as Goa and some other areas were formerly called), andStampsInGoa the list is called StampsInGoa.

It has 41 members currently, was started by Clinton Vaz (24) of Benaulim, and not all posts deal with Goa.

But some are interesting ones. Lawrence Fernandes is talking about stamps from the German East Africa colonies. And Benedict De Braganza has an interest in the same. There’s another world out there.


2 thoughts on “Stamps, stamps, stamps…

  1. I retired as a Head of the Department of Geology from St. Xavier’s College, Bombay, India after 39 yeras of service, in 2001educating hundreds of excellent catholic students whose families hail from Goa. As a geology teacher I made umpteen geological fiels tours to Goa to teach them geology of Goa. I am a Parsee (?) but my mom had several contacts in Goa (I am not acquainted with any of them though), her best friend used to run a private hotel in Panjim during the good old Potuguese Rule. That’s all about me., however I have Many old assorted postal stamps of Portuguese India (most in not very good condition since I used to collect them as a child), and hence I contact your group for the sheer interest in the stamps and also good old Goa. I love ethnic Goa and not the commercial tourist Goa.

  2. I’m a Goan born in East Africa but I have now settled in Australia. I have an ex-Kenyan friend of Parsi origin who has also settled in Australia. His name is Kersi Rustomji and, like most Parsis, is a Zoroastrian.
    I am a collector of stamps and other philatelic items.

    Martinho de Souza
    14 Chuculba Crescent
    Giralang ACT 2617

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