Raw deal for Goa’s musical talent…

Obligato swings...Colin D’Cruz is a musician one ran into by accident. It stemmed out of a review of a Limca Book of Indian Records, and an error while mentioning his background. Colin got in touch, and that led to some more stories. Including one about this interesting Latino-Goan band called Obligato, of which I just managed to find a cached story.

[File photo alongside shows Colin, second from right, along with Julius (extreme right, on keyboards), and visiting British Salsa dancers appreciating music of Obligato.]

Later, Colin did a concert for Daniel Pearl, the journalist slain in Pakistan. He’s been touring worldwide with Sonu Nigam and doing what seems to be a 101 other things.

Recently, Colin shared with me his views on the Goan music scene. As a man who has travelled and played far and wide (including trying to make Goa his home-to-return-to), he should know.

Colin believes that the Goan musician really needs a better deal. (S)he has been

getting a raw deal from event organisers for years now. I experienced this mself when I was part of the live music scene there. Event organisers in Goa will go out of their way to bring in an outstation band, paying them ten times what their Goan conterparts are paid just to boast about a band from Mumbai or Shillong or Timbaktoo or where ever. One may argue that current Goan bands do not measure up to the outstation bands and how would they? Where is the incentive for a local band to put up a good act when they are paid Rs. 2000 while the outstation band is paid Rs. 20,000 to perform at the same event? It’s high time organisers in Goa learnt to boast about talent from Goa….

Colin uses harsh words, but not strong enough, to talk about the “pathetic situation right now for musicians in Goa”.

He adds: On my part I am setting up a state of the art recording studio in Sangolda and I will record upcoming talent in Goa for free, producing their demos or even albums in deserving cases.”

Colin has a point here. Let’s hope he can attain his dreams and vision. And if it indeed turns out to a useful venture, it would need support. Are you there?


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