An email… from Ingo

For some reason, Ingo who runs (ran?) the controversy-hit Saturday Night Bazaar at Goa, sent me a copy of his email announcing plans for the coming tourism season. It reads:

halo goawalla, no one wants a repeat of last years confusion, step one is information. the right one! and it starts right here with you, below i have given step by step instructions how to add yourself on database.

Actually, I believe that Goa is going about systematically destroying anything that could act as its USP (unique selling point) in building its tourism product. While a number of issues still remain — including corruption, misuse-of-office, the large-scale buy-out of Goa’s lands by people from Indian big cities or foreigners — that’s not good reason enough to get suspicious of everything and everyone, and block them from creating interesting products in Goa. That said, the onus is on the organisers to find a suitable venue for their events, and not try setting up the same in places where these cause culture-shock to villagers quite unused to the idea.

Ingo’s contact addresses are and, which obviously stands for Saturday Night Bazaar.

BTW, during a recent visit to Bangkok, I found the night-market of that city quite visitor-friendly and useful. Ingo’s focus, with some amount of European-organisational skills, is on food, music and handicrafts. His mistake perhaps was that he was seen as replicable and superfluous in a Goa where it’s an each-man-for-himself-and-the-devil-take-the-hindmost approach these days. Who has a broader vision of building an interesting, pro-people (rather than pro-big business), colourful and attractive tourism product?


5 thoughts on “An email… from Ingo

  1. hello fredrik,
    this is not an email from ingo , but an auto generated message from saturday nite bazaar group member , send tyo 100’s of people simultaniously who are in our database , you can simply unsubsribe if you dont or are not connected with the bazaar
    regards …………………….. aroon kalsi
    management , SNB goa

  2. Hi,
    I wonder if you can help me?
    I am a young British designer and I would like to know who I need to contact to organise a stand at the Saturday Night Bazaar?
    I had a pitch the year before last but there seems to be some confusion this season so I would really appreciate it if somebody could set the record straight…
    Look forwards to hearing from you,

  3. hi,
    I have been to goa twice before but unfortunately both the times missed a trip to the saturday night bazaar. I an planning on a trip soon and would want to explore the bazzaar this time for sure..I would want to know everything bout the bazaar and what are the things i could buy from there as in what is the variety like.

  4. Hi,
    I need help!
    I am an indian designer designing western wear in Indian fabrics.
    I need to know who I need to contact to get a stand at the Saturday Night Bazaar.
    Any information will be great!

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