101 Things To Do In KeralaKerala Tourism at Park View in Trivandrum-695033 has come out with this simple, but interesting one-page multiple-folded brochure called 101 Things To Do In Kerala.

Found it interesting. It introduces one to a colourful state in a fun way. For instance the “things to do” include wake up to the world’s best breakfast (vellayappam, uppuma, iddli, puttu, masala dosa, appams…); walk through paddy fields; tip-toe across a coconut trunk bridge; sip tender coconut; take a swig of toddy; stay on an exotic houseboat, ride a canoe; work out on a treadmill (traditional ones, used to irrigate rice paddies); see Chinese fishing nets (billowing from massive bamboo poles brought in by braders from the court of the Mongolian king Kublai Khan; choose your pick from the fishermen’s net; feast on kappa and meen curry (Kerala’s hot red fish-curry with steamed tapioca or boiled rice)… and there are still 90 things left to do on this list!

Interesting way of promoting tourism in Kerala. Wish Goa could be more creative in packaging itself. There’s nothing much to do once you’re in India’s most-hyped State. When do we outgrow North and South Goa tours, canned entertainment on the Mandovi and soap-on-a-roap? Of course, this isn’t the job of the sarkari-run Goa Tourism or Goa Tourism Development Corporation alone. Understandably, their officials and politicians involved have become big-time tourists themselves, travelling the world in the name of “promoting tourism” 🙂

Interesting initiatives which could add colour and value to Goa are soon hit by controversy (take Ingo’s Saturday night markets), and we live in such an information-poor State that even the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.

Mafalda Mascarenhas once planned to set up a CulturGoa site, just to announce in a more efficient manner what all was planned to happen in this part of the globa. As of now, you can’t even depend on the newspapers to adequately announce and review events of public importance here!


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