Here’s what Dr Cornal DaCosta has to say about Goanet in the latest issue of GoanVoiceUK:

The Football World Cup tournament has unsurprisingly generated many posts on Goanet. One line of thought asked why India does not produce footballers of the calibre of many small nations as represented by this year’s tournament? The responses have been varied including the lament that football crazy Goa is not entitled to send a team. Others have claimed that, India has excelled in field hockey many times and should concentrate on this game rather than football. GV(UK) readers are invited to provide their views on this and other matters.

Is there something called “a rock solid Christian moral code?” Discussion on this theme has been ongoing for some time but there are some new considerations currently being examined in this controversial theme.

There is much on Goanet about the Konkani stage in Goa and elsewhere. An unusual performance as a disabled girl by Rosy Alvares in Mario Menezes’ tiatr receives many plaudits and is definitely worth finding out much more about it.

Whether pupils should wear school uniforms or not is an ongoing controversy the world over. Now, Goa seems to be gripped by this issue but with an unusual twist. Tension has emerged between those who seem happy with Indian attire and those wanting western attire in schools.

Domnic Fernandes presents an insight into life in the 1950s and 1960s in his excellent piece on the Cuckoo. This time, Domnic has been good enough to present his material in Konkani but with an English translation. Clearly, this is helpful when a command of Konkani may not be that sound among some GV (UK) readers.

Finally, do read a scholarly article by Priyamvada Gopal of Cambridge University. Apart from Goanet, this article has appeared in several sources and is well worth reading for much thought about revisionist British Imperial history. The title of her essay is “Imperial apologists peddle poisonous fairy tale.” Readers’ comments on this piece would be very welcome to Goanet administration.

More details can be found at the Goanet archives at http://www.goanet.org Or to subscribe to Goanet, send an email to subscribe@goanet.org


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