Interruptions at the news-conf

July 2006 debates on the GoaJourno mailing lists have begun with some angry perspectives on interruptions at a news conference.

Rupesh Samant of PTI and Y Balamuralikrishna of the UNI are early posters on this issue.

Rupesh’s plaint is: “Hi guys, sometimes journalists can get so nagging. I was covering a Das munshi press conference in Margao. Sports minister as he is Munshi is also the Information and Broadcasting minister. When I ventured to ask Munshi a question related to his IB ministry, one journalist who is also a member on our mailing list had the gall to say “Mr Munshi is here to answer sports related questions”. I find this apalling. This enabled Munshi to wriggle out of the nasty
question I was feilding him. This is so not done. This is absolutely unethical and pissing off.”


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