Clinton… back from Morjim

It’s 3:30 am almost, and I’ve been chatting with Clinton (not the prez!) Here’s what the young man wrote… –FN 2.54am, 130kmph, and 13 turtle hatchlings Thought i’d pass the blog phase in my life but i guess i was wrong. Got persuaded by a friend that blogs were worth trying out. Perhaps that it is 2.54 am in the morning and i don’t know if i’m sleepy or not, but i won’t put too much thought into that… I’ve just returned home speedily from a beach in North Goa, called Morjim. So what was a benaulikar doing 70 … Continue reading Clinton… back from Morjim

Finally, a book?

Does this mean that our October 2003 ebook on journalism in Goa will finally see the light of day? In terms of being printed, I mean? A friend from the Free Software network CV Radhakrishnan <cvr at> has helped me immensely in typesetting the book, using world-class LaTeX software and skills. After all, a book on freedom in the media needs to be worked on in Free Software, right? PS: The book was out in e-format soon after being compiled. It’s also available here Continue reading Finally, a book?

Goa: Cross vandalised at Aldona

I really think that by highlighting such reports so prominently, the Herald (in particular… but other papers also have their own thing going when it comes to dealing with communalism in Goa) is playing into the hands of those fanatics who want to divide Goan society on communal lines. It may be good for circulation, but certainly not good for Goa. Maybe it might be better to have a fact-finding committee, to find out the issues involved, what might have been the provocation, areas of possible tension, and where there is scope for bridge-building (among communities) in Aldona. Continue reading Goa: Cross vandalised at Aldona

Left, right, Left

open free world thought provoking tidbits collected from here and there… Interesting links, nice thoughts. A blog by Suresh Balasubramanian in Thrissur (Kerala). Suresh writes: “This blog doesn’t contain anything new, it just duplicates information. The purpose of this blog is to be a gateway to the web of information, which is slightly “Left” in nature, but more “right”.” Particularly liked the link to Continue reading Left, right, Left


By Frederick Noronha Top advertising gurus do it. So do students, voicing their words of love. The word ‘blog’ has yet to be translated into any Indian language, but these unusual tools for communication can be at the centre of a major row nationwide, as the recent IIPM incident [1] only shows. Yet, India-related blogs are largely invisible and go un-appreciated. Few talk about them, and there’s little hype, probably because little commercial potential is seen in this form of IT-based communication. Blogs come in differing forms and orientations — political, personal, cultural, topical, business-oriented, science, moblog (or, mobile … Continue reading BLOGGING: CAN ICTs REALLY MAKE FREE SPEECH A REALITY IN INDIA?

Free Electron – free software to your liking Free Electron – free software to your liking N.J. NAIR Here is how open source software can be used as an educational resource for the benefit of all, particularly resource-starved institutions. In a significant attempt to promote innovation and help educational institutions conserve resources and overcome the limitations arising from the use of proprietary software, the Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE) and the free software cell of Government Engineering College at Barton Hill in Thiruvananthapuram have jointly developed Free Electron, a GNU/Linux distribution package, mainly meant to meet the creative pursuits of electronics engineering students … Continue reading Free Electron – free software to your liking

CII Shiksha… computer education, and Goa

Antonetta Noronha <> a principal from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour school in Cortalim informs about the visit to Goa of Narinder Bhatia of Shiksha CII <> in mid-January. In Panjim, the Goa Chambers of Commerce and Industry hall is expected to be the venue on January 18, 2006 for the meet, focussing on schools, and computer education. If you’d like more details, contact Antonetta (above) or check out the Knowledge Initiatives Trust mailing list in Goa, which is at Below is an note written some time back: Daryl Martyris <> an expat in the US informs us that … Continue reading CII Shiksha… computer education, and Goa