There’s a bomb in your shopping bag!

S Gasper D’Souza of the Navhind Times has put up a photo exhibition at
the currently underway ‘Gagged by the Bag’ event, on at the Municipal
Garden in Panjim.

Gasper writes: “The garbage problem does not begin in the dumps. It
begins in your shopping bag! Each time you go shopping, you are adding
to the city’s garbage. With cities bursting at the seams with increasing
population [actually, with overconsumption really –FN], the waste being
generated each day is simply too much for the limited space available. A
day will dawn (and it has, for some cities) when we will not have any
place to dump our garbage.

View the photo-documentary and article at
Contacts: 946 Gasper Village, E3/24 Tivai Vaddo, Calangute gasperd at
gmail dot com Phone 227 5235 or 9422 638381


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