A lot of “learning” that happens in our schools and children today,
turns out to be rote memorisation with very shallow introduction to
ideas. To contribute meaningfully in tomorrow’s world, students and
schools need to shift from FACTS to SKILLS.

Educational Initiatives offers products and services that help to
accurately measure learning, promote self-learning in children and
empower educators and school leaders.

EI’s flagship offering is ASSET – a diagnostic test for students of
classes 3 to 12 – which helps pinpoint their strengths and weakness and
also provides a benchmarks with their peers. Over 1 lakh students from
550 schools across India, the Gulf, Singapore and Nepal have taken ASSET
since 2001. With a database of over 10 million student responses, ASSET
is a unique repository of the state of learning in India today.

This December it will be 4 years since the ASSET tests were launched. If
ASSET were just a test, there would be nothing very special about this.
But ASSET is more – it is an attempt to genuinely understand what
children need to learn? What they are learning well? And what they are
not? What are the causes? And how the problems if any, can be solved?
ASSET is an attempt to genuinely understand the above mentioned
questions… More..

ASSET is a unique test that gives you specific feedback that helps you
to improve. With a detailed analysis of performance on the different
skills in different subjects. This information gives a clear picture of
strengths and weaknesses and helps the student focus on improvement. An
overall analysis of how the student has performed based on the
difficulty level of the questions is also provided. But How does a
student interpret the ASSET Results!!!! Let’s begin our journey into the
analysis which will answer some of your questions. More..


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