Action at the municipal garden…

As I write, the GUJ show (spearheaded by Ashley do Rosario and Umesh
Mahambre) are going great guns, at the Municipal Garden.

All doubt over the event was over, when we saw a good crowd turn up on
the evening of Thursday, Republic Day here.

The idea of having a children’s drawing competition starting 5 pm was a
good idea… it pulled in the parents early. So was the fancy dress (for
kids), and the music provided by the journos showed another side of the

It was nice to see the younger team taking charge of all the
arrangements. The programme is still continuing; unfortunately, one had
to miss Hema Sardessai in performance… and Bondo too!

Among those sighted at the event were the deputy CM Dr Wilfred de Souza,
Herald editor Robin Abreu, CCP chief officer Sanjit Rodrigues (seen
squatting on the band-stand) and a whole lot of journos and press
employees. FN


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