WISL is ten

Herald (Page 4, Dec 28, 2005) has this report reporting that the Western
India Shipyard Ltd has completed ten years of successful operation on
December 23.

Unfortunately, reporting on industry in Goa is largely restricted to
reproducing official statements, specially on advertisement-friendly
firms. But, if one recalls right, there was an issue of safety raised in
a section of the press recently.

OTHER REPORTS relating to Vasco include:

* Poor lighting at Vasco KTC bus-stand: “The passenger shed at this
stand has just three tube lights, which are lighting, and two halogen to
illuminate the sorroundings at this stand. The stand, unlike the city
stand, wears a deserted look and it is only during peak hours that one
witnesses some crowd”. (Gomtantak Times)

* Legal literacy camp held at Vasco: “… at Shri Mahadev Saunsthan,
Alto Dabolim… Advocate SN Karmali spoke on Entitlement of Legal Aid…
Adv S N Kerkar spoke on the Rent Control Act and highlighted as to what
benefit is provided to the lesser and lessee under the law. Advocate
Raju Dhavlikar spoke on the Consumer Protection Act….”


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