HERALD: Mangor garage cause of mishaps

[Any views on this issue? Is this a concern in other parts of Vasco too?

Mangor garage cause of mishaps

HERALD, DEC 26, 2005


Vasco, Dec 25 — Rash and negligent driving is normally the cause of
mishaps in the port town.

But at Mangor-Vasco, the mishaps have been attributed to another cause
— a roadside garage at Mangor-Vasco.

Residents of Mangor have complained that a number of mishaps have taken
place at a spot in front of a garage near the Ambabai temple. They
stated that two vehicles find it difficult to negotiate as the footpath
is allegedly occupied by the garage.

The residents allege that one Salim Mohammed, who runs the garage,
utilises both sides of the road to repair vehicles or to dump damaged
chassis of vehicles.

They claim that fights have regularly taken place between the garage
owner and parents, who fear that their children could fall victims to
mishaps in the area.

When asked to pint out their area of activity, Salim Mohammed’s son
insisted that there was no such thing as an area of repair. He went to
state that they could repair the vehicles anywhere on the road.

To a query on the garage licence, he could not show the licence and
stated that it had been left at home.


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