It started off with a brief email, which read: “What are the prospects
of TTS in India? Which are the leading companies?”

At first, I didn’t quite understand what this was all about. Prof M. A.
Pai <> then shot-back another email, and pointed to [Quote: “Voice is amongst the most powerful and
evident manifestations of human behavior.”]

One such product, he says, was released in the Free Software CD launched
by Sonia Gandhi. Says Pai: “As I see it is needed for applications like
teaching Hindi, e-governance, for deaf/blind people etc.”

Prof Pai says it would be nice if this issue could be mentioned on
BytesForAll. It was developed jointly with IITK which is where he taught
from 1963-81. Incidentally, Prof Pai ran the interesting website (it’s an science and technology portal for
India which, he hinted, he might be compelled to give up) and is
professor emeritus at the Department of Electrical and Computer
Engineering of the Univ of Illinois (Urbana, IIL)

Phone 217-333-6790(o) 217-344-0977(R)


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