View from a Goan village…

Below are some extracts from a speech by Saligaonetter Albert da Cruz (currently visiting Saligao with family), when he was chief guest at the Lourdes Convent High School annual day:

A school without staff and students is but a structure. Together it becomes an institution for learning, for progress and for enlightenment.

In the age of the Internet, if education has any single goal, it is to encourage children to *ask questions* and know how to search for the answers.

Every child is unique and every child is gifted by the Creator.

It is in the home and at school that it is important to recognise that each child is different.

Remember, success comes in cans, not in cannots.

It is important to develop a culture of appreciation, where it is imperative to say five positive things before we can say one negative. You will find that the child will grow with confidence, assurance and charm.

Children like to experiment and should not be afraid to fail, for failures are the stepping stones to success. Remember, it is better to try and fail then not to try at all.

Education today is a partnership between parents and teachers — both have an interest in the child’s welfare and progress.

Nice food for thought. Just thought of sharing it with you all. FN


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