Blogging against censorship (.np)

Radio Free Nepal is a blog which protests the coup by that country’s King earlier this year.

It says: “King Gyandendra of Nepal has issued a ban on independent news broadcasts and has threatened to punish newspapers for reports that run counter to the official monarchist line. Given that any person in Nepal publishing reports critical of ‘the spirit of the royal proclamation’ is subject to punishment and/or imprisonment, contributors to this blog will publish their reports from Nepal anonymously.”

Incidentally, a Google search for nepal + blog thows up on the top spot, even if the latest entry there currently dates to mid-September 2005.

There’s also United We Blog! for a Democratic Nepal, along with this article Nepalese bloggers, journalists defy media clampdown by king.

Technorati’s search on Nepal throws up a total of 43,443 posts. But it’s hard to say how many of these are related to human rights and democracy issues there. Maybe a small percentage. Life’s like that.


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