A Chennai journo keeping a blog

A journo from The Hindu in Chennai has been keeping this blog, called Whyte Space which is currently maintaining a “Goa Journal”.

It cautions the reader: “The views expressed in this blog are my own and are NOT endorsed by my employers or organisation. Also, this blog may contain explicit language not suitable for children So kids, if you’re caught reading this, your Momma’s gonna whip your ass.”

Sudhish Kamath, a 28-year-old film-maker has been covering the International Film Festival of India-2005 at Goa and one of his reports is titled IFFI Panaji: where lines between art and commerce blur.

Some recent jottings (or photos) include Spot the park bench!, INOX, Behind the scenes, Making of IFFI, King Momo’s date, King Momo’s desi date, Portuguese Item number, Portuguese flavour and there’s probably more to come…. They don’t has space for such comment in print, do they?


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