My pleasure to introduce: Yash from Mauritius

Yash is a Systems Engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit based in Mauritius. He founded the first and only Ruby User Group locally — Rubidius. It has its homepage here and its could-be-more-activemailing list here. Earlier this year he “predicted that the future of web apps will be based on Ruby on Rails.”

Rails sustainable productivity for web-application development is a full-stack, open-source web framework in Ruby for writing real-world applications with joy and less code than most frameworks spend doing XML sit-ups

Says Yash: “My interests lie in Business, Free and Open Source Software, Optimizing Business Processes and Investments, Music and technology in general. Favourite GNU/Linux distro: Yoper. (Your Operating System, Y Operating System, YOS.) Favourite programming language: Ruby (you’d have guessed that). I started programming with an Oric Atmos using self-taught BASIC. Today I’m more interesting in the strategic management issues of I.S. and Business integration.”

Check out Yashlabs here.


5 thoughts on “My pleasure to introduce: Yash from Mauritius

  1. Hi Frederick,

    thanks for the write-up. Was pleasantly surprised when I saw your post through my Ruby RSS feed sent by Google blogsearch.

    I would have liked more members in Rubidius too, but I believe it’s just a matter of time. People often have great reluctance to let go of previous knowledge they’ve accumulated.

    But Ruby is great for productivity and I’m sure people here will catch up in due time.

    The group is open to the world as well.

    Best Regards,


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