Big names for a Bangalore event…

Atul Chitnis announces that the overseas speakers for the event to be held in Bangalore in end-November will include: Jonathan Corbet, co-author of “Linux Device Drivers”, and editor of LWN.NET, aka “Linux Weekly News”; Andrew Cowie of Linux Australia; Harald Welte, who’s chairman of the netfilter/iptables project, and the man behind; “Mr.Wizards-of-OS” Volker Grassmuck; the man behind the
Apache project, COLLAB.NET’s Brian Behlendorf; “Mr.PHP” Rasmus Lerdorf; the Diva of Open Source, Danese Cooper; Yahoo!’s Jeremy Zawodny; the man behind Linux Sound and Audio Dave Phillips; and the legendary hacker Alan Cox.
FOSS.IN/2005 is a major Free/Libre & Open Source Software Event being held from Nov 29 to Dec 2, 2005 Bangalore Palace. See http:// and the blogs of techies and others associated with the event.


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