Can anyone help a friend in Vasco? Re: what linux? which linux?

This query comes from Vasco. Any help would be appreciated. Stanley, are
you on ? FN

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 23:38 +0530, Stanley Thomas wrote:

> damn i keep dreamin tht some day i’ll be able to use linx as
> efficiently as i use windows. i kno nuts so far. i dont even kno how
> to go about to choose a linux distro (thats a term i learnt recently.
> hope i’m usin it right) they say u need to kno commands, there r
> different desktops, and all that jazz.
> so far what i have been able to do is to collect all possible distros
> of linux i cud. that includes xandros linux, ubuntu linux 5.04, ark
> linux 2005, vector linux 4.3, gentoo linux 4.2, fedora core 2 and
> fedora core 4. all these r on DVDs and i dont have a dvd drive.
> all i cud find on cd was a redhat 9. sure i did install it. it does
> not detect my ntfs partitions. they say i cant mount (thats another
> term i learnt) it. i’m a huge music freak with around 24 gb of mp3 and
> around 20 gb of divx music videos and i havent heard or seen a single.
> i cant even connect to the net. finally one day i saw my cd rom
> drives. i put a cd in to it and waited for 20 mins to only see the
> contents. damn right i never saw it.
> all the information i find on the net seems alien to me.
> i approached a friend who showed me a PCQlinux distro that detected
> all the ntfs partitions. but thats an easy way out and i dont wanna
> take it. i want to learnt how to fix these probs on redhat 9. I WANT
> TO LEARN. and learn right from scratch.
> yeah sad story i kno. all that im askin from u guys is to forward this
> mail to all those people who u think cud help me. i’m from vasco. sure
> wud be glad to find someone nearby. cuz travellin in these rains is
> quite a job.
> thanx a lot guys. hope u will help me. hope i dont get frustrated till then.
> stanley

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