HS D’Lima of Andheri, noise, and activists

At IFFI-2004 one heard of a film about the work of HS D’Lima (70), who has been campaigning against sound pollution in Mumbai. Unfortunately, in the shower of films, news conferences and hurry to ‘get the story out’, one didn’t get a chance to view that. So, ignorance remains bliss.
More recently, a friend mentioned that D’Lima had been attacked.
Going through my pending stack (mess would be a better word) of papers, one read the March 7, 2005 issue of Indian Express report that D’Lim “sustained two deep cuts on his left arm but was otherwise unhurt”. Apparently, the attack took place outside his Andheri residence.
Activists were quoted as planning to launch a group called MITRA (Movement against Intimidation, Threats and Revenge against Activists).
Does anyone know more about this person and his campaign? Is there any Goan connection, as the name might suggest? Just curious.


One thought on “HS D’Lima of Andheri, noise, and activists

  1. You can get in touch with me at tribologyconsultants@vsnl.net. I am not computer savvy, but I will try to oblige. I have now crossed 75 and continue the fight. An attempt was made on my life in March 2005, when I was stabbed with a sickle, after I stopped an illegal construction by the mafia. I have come under bigger threat since I am targeting all their illegal activities. Thanks to our justice system, I have a case pending in the Bombay High Court since 2006. I have also filed another one in Nov. 2009. This came up for hearing last month. The mafia tried black magic in May 2009, after I was again threatened in April 2009. Since this has not worked, they are now prepared to give a contract for upto Rs. 5 lacs, should I succeed in my cases. All my neighbours are God fearing people who say they have a wife and children. I have cats and dogs.

    My address is: “Herwish”,
    69-A, Gauthan Lane No. 1,
    Andheri, Mumbai -400 058.
    Ph. No. 26289380. Mobile. 9833258089

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