Looking at Indiamike.com

Indiamike.com where Goa is listed among the “major destinations”. Sometimes useful and interesting. The technology used to enhance communication is also neat. Have been posting there sometimes.


10 thoughts on “Looking at Indiamike.com

  1. indiamike is a racist website.

    it will allow anything said by foreigners for india but wont let an indian say what he wants.me and my friends wanted to discuss topics relating to how women should wear in order to be comfortable while travelling and not attract too much attention.

    besides india gets too many junkie travellers who are here only to do drugs without caring about anything else.

    they banned us for 2 weeks saying that our topics were racist,insulting and sexist.

    on the contrary ,they allowed any discussions relating to male attraction based on white colour and indian male mentality and even females asking to dye their hair from blonde and redhead to black “coz they felt it would attract too much attention and make life miserable for them”.

    and they didnt make our banning public..the administrators just send us a private message giving this reason for banning.if they had courage, they should have posted below our post what their objections were and that would be respectful for both me and my friends and that would let all members see what our mistake was.

    i hate such double minded inferiority complex suffering whackos!!!

  2. whoa – blog spam! Nastyradha has cut and pasted the exact same text into mouthshut.com, lonely planet thorntree.com, the indiatree.com, and yahoo answers! And it contains the same anti-woman and anti-foreigner comments in every case. Funny thing is that the site he is complaining about is owned and run by an Indian (his ID and photo can be found on the site).

    He has so far also used the names radha, radha11, ninja11, and nastyradha (plus a couple of others as well). Dude, no wonder you’ve got banned from so many forums – busted!

  3. hey radha…sorry for what happened to you out there.thanks for sharing.first and foremost the moderator at indiamike.com is a british guy…not an indian..get your facts right ravi!!

    and just because the moderator is indian i would not believe that it amounts to being impartial since indiamike.com is a website about indian tourism made by foreigners.they will see india through their eyes.the concept of blogging is about freedom of speech and fair-speak.

    if rich -influential people start suppressing it…it would not be as popular the world over as it is nowadays…so radha had a terrible experience and she wants to tell this to everyone.nothing wrong with it as well.i dont know what is anti-women and anti-foreigner but i feel that people have the right to have their say..if you dont agree with it…move on to some other blog.

    and i can see here you have done so much research from mouthshut to lonely planet to thorntree…i wonder what interest did you have in spending so much time trying to find out what this girl wrote on different websites???
    on second thoughts,are you a guy from Indiamike?

  4. just because a website is now run by Indian does not mean it is pure of racist taunts and all the retard moderators of Indiamike.com have gone.in my opinion it is a great website for travel info but there is so much negativity going on right now that the team of indiamike should come up with some answers about their treatment of fellow indians on the site.does anyone from indiamike has the courage to answer me back?

  5. I agree with earlier posters – IndiaMike is racist; There was an initial post recently about shacks in Goa, which say “Indians not allowed” – naturally this upsets Indians when they read it – what is more amazing is the number of people, old-timers of that forum actually, who excuse this – what is even worse is that as the conversation got really heated, the owner simply deletes/makes inaccessible the thread. I still have what google cache stored away though – just the first 10-20 comments but still it gives a flavor.

    If, indeed, there are shacks in Goa where the owners advertise it as ‘Indians are not allowed’ – then its a HUGE issue.

    That IndiaMike wants to suppress this discussion is indeed racist.

    Btw, I see that you are a journalist, and in Goa at that – I’d love to discuss this ( forget IndiaMike, that’s just a pimple on the face of the planet, well arse actually but we should be polite ) with you.

  6. Regarding that issue, this is the original post at the website – I can show you how to achieve this fancy-schmanzy internet tubes stuff of course – Is it at all accurate? meaning, do shack owners really do this stuff in GOA: Here is the post and names are removed to protect the innocent:
    Recently I Visited Goa along with some Indian Family Members and friends.
    Though I myself and friends had no problems in booking a Shack, But i noticed many Indians being told to stay off Goan shacks.
    More in Candolim beach then Baga. It seems it is some foreigner’s beach.
    We went up to the hotel on the beach side and asked for a shack, myself being in command there was no Problems for our Party but moment an Indian couple arrived asking for same they were shown the door, same moment another European couple arrives and they are eagerly served. Why Indian guests are being discriminated in their own land. Is there some thing, Racial Going on there, with management of Hotels In foreign hands. I do not think it is any thing to do with Money.
    Or people of Goa are not happy with Indian Government taking control of Goa in 70’s.

    On my inquiring further Manager quoted some thing like this “Some Indian guests tease the foreign tourists in the shacks. There are few people who get crazy seeing a woman in the bikini. ” Such statements are very irresponsible and malicious. I had seen more foreigners like me, creating a scene on temperature of beer than Indian National.

    I am feeling sorry for Decent Indian Couple with look of helplessness on their face after being denied the facility. It really ruined my trip.


  7. Yes, it is true Indiamike and its moderators are harsh a lot of time…..i feel they enjoy banning Indians from their forum…….they just want to make the foreigners and their advice to be the best…..nobody lets us discuss about Indian backpackers…..the problems we can face…everything is soo foreigner centric…..i had recently put up a discussion about the Goa beach in rishikesh where again Indians arent really allowed to chill because its supposed to be a sort of “secret” place where foreigners hang out……indiamike was started cuz the guy who started it was unhappy wid d forum provided by lonely planet (thron tree) and now they have managed to be almost the same…..m gonna be trying out this new forum at http://www.indianbackpacker.com/index.php/forums/view ….
    hope d moderators let people actually put up honest opinions where everyone is invited to discuss, comment and promote d tourism in India honestly

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