Sailing… towards an ERP

Express Computer had this article Goa Shipyard: full steam ahead which says the shipyard has been “building ships much faster after it deployed an enterprise resource planning system”. It is written by Sushma Naik in the February 28, 2005 issue of the publication.It says GSL was facing “rought weather”, and notes that shipbuilding is a competitive industry with the GSL’s prime customer, the Indian Navy, increasingly awarding contracts via a competitive bidding process. Quote: “This put GSL in a situation where it faced competition from other shipyards both in India and abroad.”
Express Computer argues that while the public sector GSL “had the requisite IT infrastructure in place,its IT systems existed as islands with no bridges to connect, exchange and analyse data. Its home-grown systems supported business processes such as procurement, finance, stores and payroll; as these systems were not integrated, project analysis was extremely difficult.”
GSL decided to go in for an ERP solution from SSA Global with Godrej Infotech as the implementation partner.


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