Films that focus on the fight for a living

Jeevika describes its goal as that of “show caseing films which focus on peoples’ struggles in earning a living in a vocation of their choice.”
It this time highlighted “15 stories that depict legal and regulatory restrictions, bureaucratic process of approvals and licenses with attendant extortion and harassment as well as social and cultural norms and religious practices that prevent or constrain people from earning an honest living”.
These — and the lack of rule of law, absence of transparency and accountability in governance, and poor enforcement of individual rights including property rights — jointly conspire to “take away the freedom to earn a living”. Announced in January 2005 this time round, it called on people to “be a part of the livelihood freedom movement”.
Programme co-ordinator Manali Shah announced that the films being shown included Dhanya Pilo’s Bhuj 40, Rupashree Nanda’s Harvest of Hunger, Pankaj Kumar Rishi’s Gharat, Biju KC’s …3…2..1..0? Who Can Change Me?, Suhaik Bukhari and Piyush Pushpak’s Zarina, Kapilas Bhuyan’s Breathing Without Air, Amudhan RP’s Pee (Shit), Raza Haider and Kaukab’s Pedal Soldier of India, Rakesh Sharma’s Aftershocks: A Rough Guide to Democracy, Swati Khatri’s Peruwale Gaikwad, Mousmi Bilkish’s Kobi (The Versifier), Gurpreet Singh and Justin Jolly Samuel’s TRAN, The Three, Meenakshi Vinay Rai’s … and the
Nomads Took Root
, Balaji Mohan Rajkumar, Rita Chaudhry, Saharika Suri and Ipsit Patel’s Chhakda, and Nimish Desai’s A Life of Motion
and Commotion
. It’s venue has been the Centre for Civil Society at K35 Hauz Khas Enclave in New Delhi, which is also linked here.


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