Film-makers in Delhi

Via Media introduces itself thus: “We are independent filmmakers based in New Delhi, India, involved in the production of documentary films and other electronic media products on topics of science, technology, art, society and culture for last ten years.”
Films they have worked on are listed here.
One of the films on this page includes Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda. They’ve edited and voiced this hour long documentary about the effects of Uranium mining on the tribal people of Jadugoda in Jharkhand (Bihar). Directed by Sri Prakash of Ranchi (April 1999). Participated and won the third prize at the Himal South Asian Film Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal in September 1999.


118 thoughts on “Film-makers in Delhi

  1. Hi ! M Deepak Sharma – movie director. Worked with late Mr. Dev Anand for 15 years in bombay. Right nw, m in delhi with ready film scripts with sceenplay and dialogues. One line stories and too many new ideas. I believe in imagination and creativity. Can we work together in team work. My email :
    And mobile : 9871895268
    Feel free to contact me for creation of thinkings. Yeah !

  2. HI guys, this is rajan verm,having 10 years of experience in video editing on different platform like FCP,DPS VELOCITY,AVID etc, also i have edited a lot of corporate,documentaries,tvcs etc…for Maruti,UNICEF,HONDA,etc also know
    adobe after effect..and actually i am looking some freelance work even i am having my own edit machine (FCP).feel free to call me @

  3. hi everyone here, i m sandeep singh panwar(sandy) an artist , have some very good experiances in this regard…i m interested in this idea of making delhi a movie hub and want to join some kind of like minded people who want to participate in movie making in delhi.V can together make this dream a reality,all v need is everyone’s co operation,unity and a strong leader who can really keep a check on progress and infuse enthusiasm in members to take out additional time and resourses in movie making.
    I have some good ideas about making movie and functionality of this industry which is very different from the traditional ways….India emerging so our movies,it is more of corporate filming now….business empowering art…v must strike a balance to be competent and preserve indian sense of art for the world to get pure entertainment and assembling the passion for movies in delhi.

  4. hi sir…….
    i am jeet royal and i have done a travellouge documentry about the delhi monuments and i did a song as unit two dop for the them clone band official song all about my hearts incroma shoot i have a new script about the delhi rape cases and what are the main reason .. so give me one chance thnxx

  5. Looking for film professionals and actors for a main stream bollywood movie.which will go on floor in march 2013.its a political sattire. Looking forward to meet talented professionals.

    1. Helli Anirudh sir, Accidently came acroos this blog. I am a delhi based actor…ofcourse talented, have experience of theatre, street plays, 3 short film in main leads, looking for work…I knoe i am a bit late acc. to this post…but just in caae if u still need any talented actor you can consider contact no. is 8800518458. thanks

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